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Know Or Not?

Dec 8, 2019

“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” is a pangram, a sentence with all 26 letters of the alphabet. Font sellers love this sentence since it showcases all 26 letters in one go. This is a podcast, so how things look don’t matter as much as how things sound, and we became curious about the Singapore accent...

Dec 3, 2019

We explore the idea of dancers as body language artists, using their bodies for the 55% of interpersonal communication that is non-verbal. We hang out with Bernice Lee, a contemporary dance artist, Stephy, an instructor from SLAP Dance Studio and then get down with the awesome street dance power couple, SgRach MarcS...

Oct 28, 2019

We visit the Raffles Hotel Singapore and learn about their two-years restoration and the refreshed recipe for the Singapore Sling, their iconic gin-based cocktail that still draws in the big crowds a century on from its creation by bartender Ngiam Tong Boon in 1915. 

We talk with local microdistillery Compendium about...

Oct 13, 2019

The Rule of Three Exists in Everything: think of comedy, photography, showbusiness. It also applies in the world of coffee, which has experienced what is accepted as The Three Waves. In Singapore, the Three Rules come with a twist: Kopi. 

We talk with 5 artisanal coffee cafes - Nylon Coffee Roasters, PPP Coffee, Two...

Oct 9, 2019

As part of our Spoken Word Episode, we’ve offered our recording services to the poets to help build up an online audio repository of their work. This is Singapore Poetry Slam champion Marc Nair, with “I See You”