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Know Or Not?

Aug 9, 2019

We kick off our 2nd season with a literal deep dive in the world of aquascaping. The hot trend in home aquariums is to focus on plants and hardscape (rocks, driftwood, etc.) to create a serene submerged world. We talk with the leading experts in the field, including 2hour Aquarist, Dennis Wong, plant guru Indra of AquaLush, Laurence of East Ocean, the 3rd generation of the family who've supported the aquarium scene in Singapore for over 4 decades. We also visit with Elliott and Derek of Natura Aquatic and hear from one of their customers, who is part of the community of enthusiasts. We also travel to Hong Kong and talk with Dave Chow, winner of the IAPLC in 2007 and considered a living legend in planted tanks. Shownotes and Links at 

Aqua Design Amano

Dennis Wong / 2hr Aquarist

Natura Aquatics 

Aqua Lush

East Ocean Aquatic

Dave Chow / Aqua Art HK

Dave Chow Interview Courtesy of Kafnu