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Know Or Not?

Aug 24, 2019

Give our guests today a mic and an audience and they'll take the wonder of words and imbue them with the power of performance. The Spoken Word Poetry scene in Singapore is alive and well, with multiple events happening throughout each month across the island. I talk to 9 poets active in the scene about (a) How a layperson can know if what they're listening to is amazing or gibberish (b) The difference between Page Poetry and Spoken Word Poetry (c) Comparison of the Spoken Word Scene in Singapore and Malaysia (d) Performance (e) The impact of Social Media (f) Representation of Minorities (g) Addressing Issues (h) Income for Poets (i) The Scene Today and Tomorrow

The poets we spoke with are

  1. Jennifer Anne Champion -
  2. Stefanie Dogfoot -
  3. Kok Wei Liang -
  4. Marc Nair - 
  5. Shivram Gopinath - 
  6. Melizarani T. Selva -
  7. Pooja Nansi -
  8. Deborah Emmanuel - 
  9. Chris Mooney-Singh -

Check out Mantravine, Deborah Emmanuel’s band. Their album, Cosmic Shaman, drops Sept 7th!