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Know Or Not?

Oct 13, 2019

The Rule of Three Exists in Everything: think of comedy, photography, showbusiness. It also applies in the world of coffee, which has experienced what is accepted as The Three Waves. In Singapore, the Three Rules come with a twist: Kopi. 

We talk with 5 artisanal coffee cafes - Nylon Coffee Roasters, PPP Coffee, Two Degrees North Coffee Company, Mavrx Coffee Bar and Coffee Break at Amoy Street. We discuss the beans, the brew and the business of delivering coffee with a focus on traceability, farm, process, roasting and latte foam.

Grab a cup of Joe and go on w journey with us to experience the world of caffeine, Singapore-style!

BTW, I found a great little hack for recycling your leftover coffee grounds! Click on this link: